Michael Schumacher Starbox

Michael Schumacher is the most successful driver in the history of Formula 1. For many years he met famous photographer Michel Comte on his journeys through the paddocks and test tracks of the world.

On the occasion of the 50th birthday of the Formula 1 icon, Keep Fighting Foundation presents the STARBOX, a unique collection of 7 artistic pictures from the world of mobile high technology.

The 7 photos span a quarter of a century and document the various aspects of Formula 1. They are among Michael Schumacher’s selection of his favourite pictures from the internationally renownedphotographer, for whom he allowed greater closeness than in most cases.

When Michael Schumacher’s first career ended in 2006, they both had envisaged the launch of such a compilation; Michael Schumacher then personally signed the insert sheets. The project was however postponed.

The STARBOX will be released in a limited edition of 91 copies, symbolizing Michael Schumacher’s 91 Grand Prix victories. The 7 selected photographs, stamped with Michael Schumacher’s logo, stand for the 7 World Champion titles.

With special thanks to Corinna, Gina and Mick Schumacher
Lucas Albers, Sabine Kehm, Peter Zimmermann
STARBOX. Edition AlbersZimmermann Zurich

May 2019

The 7 Photos

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